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Skill GripMat

Skill GripMat

Invented by Micah Lancaster, the Skill GripMat helps create the world's most skilled basketball players.

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The #1 Skill Enhancement Training Tool in the World

NBA All-Stars and players all over the world have used Micah Lancaster's GripMat and Footwork Training System with great success, and now the rollup Skill GripMat has taken training to another level.

One Size Fits All

The Skill GripMat is a one-size fits all accountability training tool that truly allows players of all sizes, ages, and levels to master their skills and footwork like never before.

Visual Aid Accountability

Coaches have used tape to mark areas of the floor for decades with the purpose of holding players accountable to space and various techniques. The Skill GripMat serves the same purpose, carefully engineered to help players master their skills with built in guides and instructions, with the added mobility to easily move it from spot to spot.

Anti-Slip Technology

The I'm Possible Skill GripMat is designed with anti-slip technology, making for a durable training surface that will grip to the floor during aggressive footwork. Players can push off, jump from, and land on the Skill GripMat without risk of injury, providing players with the most adaptable form of accountability that exists for the game of basketball.

Free Tutorials

The I'm Possible Skill GripMat comes with 10 free tutorials located in the I'm Possible Cloud app. Just download the app and start training right away inside "I'm Possible Essentials".

Roll Up and Store

While the Skill GripMat is heavy enough to properly grip to the floor, it's designed to be easily rolled up and stored for maximum mobility from gym to gym.

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Julius J.
United States United States

Skill Grip Mat

Very very helpful and needed if you want your game to improve. As a coach you want to use these kinds of tools in the off season and in season if possible

Brian L.
Canada Canada

Skill GripMat

The GripMat has been a worthwhile investment in supporting fundamental footwork and skill development of our athletes at Vancouver Sports Club, British Columbia. In total we have 10 GripMats and unequivocally use them daily for our training. We believe that "Your feet put your hands in positions to make plays" and that footwork is the foundation of higher level play. Thank you for this wonderful training aid!

Samuel W.
United States United States

Im possible Review

I received my skill gripmat in a timely manner. Been using it and the 10 tutorials that it came with. The only problem I have is the free gift that it suppose to come with I still haven't received with no idea on how to track my other item are if im even going to get my item at all.

Judy B.
United States United States

Practice outside the training facility

Now Isaak can put a mat to use at home! He can hone his skills outside of the training facility.

United States United States

Skill Mat Review

I tested out the skill mat with my 130 K-4th graders this past week. It was amazing. The skill mat provides my kids with a visual that they can easily comprehend and understand. They were able to quickly learn the things I was teaching them, and it greatly enhanced their abilities to jump stop, pivot, and work on their footwork around the rim. There is no way I could teach an "up-and-under" move to kindergarteners without it. Moving forward, the skill mat will be incorporated into everything that I do. - James Hayden - Youth Basketball Director