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Rip Roller

Rip Roller

The Rip Roller is the I'm Possible custom Foam Roller, designed specifically to connect to the I'm Possible RipCone v2, so you can create "a cone" that you can truly drive your shoulder through. But as you'll see, once attached to the included RipCone Converter, the options are endless with the all-new Rip Roller!

What You Get:

  • Rip Roller - 1
  • Converter - 1

(RipCone v2 is NOT Included)

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The I'm Possible Rip Roller is designed to simulate key basketball characteristics and hard to train for movements for the game of basketball. And it even comes with 10 free tutorials in our brand new Rip Roller Essentials program.

Unmatched Accountability

As the first ever and only Foam Roller designed to attach to a sports cone, the Rip Roller attaches to the I'm Possible RipCone v2 to provide players with a simulated accountability defender to train against and so much more.

Use as a "Pylon" Cone

A tall, soft cone for a player to move around

The game of basketball is not open space. There are space restrictions and a lack of freedom of movement exists. When you attach the Rip Roller to the RipCone v2, you are able to create a taller, soft cone that a player can't step over and "cheat."

Use for Shoulder Engagement

Simulate the feeling of driving your shoulder through a defender's hip or midsection.

When the Rip Roller is placed on the RipCone v2, it stands about 40 inches tall. This gives players a great sense of what driving their shoulders through a defenders hip/mid section feels like. This technique is showed in detail within Rip Roller Essentials found in the RealSkill I'm Possible app.

Provide "Low" Accountability

Attach RipSticks (not included)

Want to hold yourself accountable to driving low, but don't want to physically grab the Rip Roller? Then, simply utilize I'm Possible RipSticks to hold yourself accountable to driving under the low point. This is a great way to work on your stop and pop pullup game!

Attach to the Backboard

Attach the RipCup (not included)

Create a shot altering obstacle! Through the combination of the Rip Roller and the RipCup, you can stick the Rip Roller to the backboard to create a shot altering presence around the rim. Just place it up there, and you can maneuver around it and work on your touch over it.

Alter and Block Shots

Give the Roller a Handle (Ripstick not included)

Insert a Ripstick as a handle in order to use the lightweight Rip Roller as a shot altering apparatus and much, much more.

Use as a Foam Roller

Yes, the Rip Roller is still a High-Density Round Foam Roller for exercise, massage, and muscle recovery.