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The FlipBase can be used with a RipCone v2 and serve as a ball holder for a basketball or our Weighted Tennis Ball.

It's also designed in conjunction with our RipCone converter, to become a more stable base for the RipLight, the Rip Roller, and for RipSticks.

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The I'm Possible FlipBase is designed to offer a more sturdy base for I'm Possible training products.

Unmatched Adaptability

The FlipBase can be used with basketballs, Weighted Tennis Balls, Ripsticks, RipLights, and the Rip Roller!

Flip the Cone

For basketballs and our Weighted Tennis Balls

We like to use the FlipBase and our RipCone v2 as a ball holder for shooting drills or as to drop in our Weighted Tennis Balls on the move.

Sturdy Base for the Rip Roller

Converter Required

The game of basketball is not open space. There are space restrictions and a lack of freedom of movement exists. When you attach the Rip Roller to the FlipBase, you are able to create a taller, soft cone that a player can't step over and "cheat."

Perfect for the RipLight

Converter Required

Just assign reactions to a color, hit the light, and see how quick you can react. After three seconds, the light will turn off and you can get in another rep. It's that easy.

Use with RipSticks

Converter Required

By using a RipStick , a player can create a sturdy agility pole in order to increase footwork and mobility during training.