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"Are You a Bucket" 1-on-1

"Are You a Bucket" 1-on-1

"ARE YOU A BUCKET?" Play 1-on-1 in the most game realistic and challenging format ever created for the game of basketball.

"Are You a Bucket?" is an engaging and competitive 1-on-1 app that challenges player skills, IQ, and shot making ability through drawing cards that contain realistic constraints, bonuses and penalties for each possession.

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Designed to give you dribble limitations and constraints that your defender doesn’t know, in order to execute and make shots against genuine defense.

The #1 Way to Play 1-on-1

If you’re going to play 1-on-1, most high level players will tell you to play with a dribble limit. After all, a dribble limit forces players to work on efficiency, discipline, and creativity. But let's face it; that doesn't make it realistic. When the defender knows you only have three dribbles, they can sit on your third dribble, taking away from the game’s authenticity.

If you're truly a bucket, you can score from anywhere, no matter your limitations.

Are You a Bucket?

Picture it. You quickly swipe your phone to get your card. Your card will tell you the location on the court to start and where or how you have to score. See your dribble limit, and go get a bucket.

Develop Your Skills, While You Compete

How to Play

The number on each card is your dribble limit. Draw a "0" card? You better be good with your jab and triple threat game to create separation for your shot. When you draw an Unlimited Dribble card, you can play that possession with more freedom.  But remember, your defender doesn’t know, so each and every possession you can play against an honest defender, despite your constraints.

Bonuses and Penalties

In the game, some possessions carry more weight than others.

When you draw a pushup card, the pressure is on! The loser of that possession must quickly do pushups. And there's also Bonus opportunities. You can earn an "And 1" and go to the free throw line if you can score using the suggestion on your card. These are opportunities to put added pressure on your defender, while testing your ability to get a bucket!

Available in App Store and Google Play

The question is “Are you a Bucket?” It’s time to find out. Easy to read. Easy to play. But only the best will win.