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RealShooter Checklist #1

RealShooter Checklist #1

70+ training assignments for you to improve your shooting form, range, and shooting specific footwork while also gaining much needed shooting attributes to help you make more shots in the game.
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RealShooter is one of our most detailed and comprehensive checklist programs, giving you the knowledge, methods, and detailed needed to improve your shooting form, range, and shooting specific footwork while also gaining much needed shooting attributes to help you make more shots in the game.

With this checklist program, your overall shooting accuracy and shot making ability will be better than ever before - with over 70 detailed lessons over the course of a year.

With our famous checklist driven approach and just 120 minutes of focused, effective training per month, you’ll find yourself shooting the basketball with more range and accuracy than you ever thought possible.

And most importantly, RealShooter will give you the confidence needed to step into live action, and execute. With sure trust in your mechanics, confidence in your footwork, and the ability to find balance anytime you shoot the basketball, your ability to flat out shoot the ball will be game ready - when it mattters most.



Giving You The Tools To Become Master Your Shot Making Ability, No Matter Your Age Or Level...



Discover Your Own Personal Shooting Form

Shooting is NOT a one sized fits all skill. BUT, there are trends, patterns, and principles that are used by the best shooter's in the game, and you will learn how to utilize those principles to find your most comfortable and effective shooting motions.

Master the Upper Body Flow of Your Shot

While many coaches like to say shooting is about footwork, the reality is shooting is mainly about upper body consistency. After all, your feet don't shoot the ball.

Shoot from Multiple “Triple Threats”

"Triple Threat" is not a singular position in which you can drive, shoot and pass. No. It's ANY and ALL positions in which you can shoot, drive, and pass. We will make sure you possess all the triple threats for your shot.

Dramatically Increase Your Shooting Range

You will gain the secrets needed to instantly increase and improve your shooting range.

Gain the Necessary Traits to Shoot Off the Dribble

Being able to shoot off the dribble is at a premium in today's game. You will learn how to perfect your pickups and find comfortable flow into your shot.

Shoot Comfortably From Numerous Footwork and Body Positions

If you can only shoot when everything is perfect. You will hardly find opportunities. With this program, you will learn how to shoot from numerous footwork and body positions with incredible accuracy.

Multiply Your Shooting Footwork For Comfort All The Time

You will spend time each month on very specific footworks that will help you shoot the basketball at any moment and during any situation.

Become a Shot Maker from Mid-Range to the Deep Ball

The Mid-Range game is not dead. In fact, by mastering the mid-range game you will discover how it will instantly help you become a better shooter from all over the court.

Increase Your Balance and Body Control for a More Consistent Shot

You will learn how to master your balance no matter the type of shot, a crucial ingredient that all great shooters possess.

The RealShooter Checklist Training System Is...

The Easiest & Most Effective Way To Reach Your Full Potential As A Shot Maker


There’s a good reason why the top NBA™ stars like Kyrie Irving, Brandon Ingram, Karl-Anthony Towns, and Victor Oladipo have all trusted the I'm Possible proprietary Checklist Training System…

It’s because this revolutionary new approach to training is the most effective way to become a more skilled basketball player.

This new style of training is the beating heart and soul of making players the best in the world – and it works no matter if you’re a young kid or an NBA™ Allstar.

Before you discover why the Checklist Training System beats all other methods, it’s important to understand the less effective method that most coaches teach.

Most basketball training focuses on an outdated coaching philosophy called progression.

Unfortunately, the progression method FAILS many basketball players and makes it harder for them to improve.

  • You Start Here:

    You can’t move forwards until you master stage 1.
    (Or any stage.)

  • If You Get Stuck Here:

    You remain stuck for weeks or months before you can move on to the next stage.

  • Get Stuck At ANY Stage:

    You Don’t Reach Your Full  Potential As A Player!


The secret behind why this new basketball training method works better is because it is designed to create something more similar to a “procedural memory.”

Think about learning to ride a bicycle.

It doesn’t take hundreds of hours.

Instead, you practice for 20 – 40 minutes and all of a sudden you GET IT.

And once you get it… you have that skill for good!

It’s easy.

You never forget.

That’s because it’s a “procedural memory.”

Your body will never forget how to do it.

And as you continue to use that new skill, you get better and better.


The Shooting Checklist contains the same training assignments that Micah Lancaster and Bryce Stanhope have used to train NBA™ All-Stars and young people alike, all over the world. Better yet, it contains over 70 detailed and effective shooting tutorials and drills that you can perform on your own, without needing partners or coaches to provide “game situational” training.


Unlike the old, outdated method you may have learned above, you can NEVER GET STUCK using this method.

After just 20 minutes, stop the drill. 

If you feel like you still need to work on it, mark the drill as “Needs Work.” 

Then move on to another skill.


Let’s imagine you struggled to master a “Step Back” shot. No problem, you mark it as “needs work” and then move on. 

You do other drills, acquire more shooting skills, and then in the future you come back to the “Step Back” you struggled with. 

All of a sudden, in just a couple of minutes… you get it. 

Something just clicks and it’s easy. 

When you practice other skills in the Checklist, something in those skills UNLOCKS the skill you struggled with previously. 

In this example, a “Backward Broad Jump” drill gave the balance and foundation you needed to help you master the “Step Back.”

  • Build your own personal shooting form, gain the necessary shooting attributes, increase your range, and gain the necessary footwork to become a deadly shooter.

    With over 70 different skills, this is the most detailed and complete basketball skill training system in the world.

  • Mark as "Complete" or "Needs Work":

    After you complete an assignment, make a simple decision. If you don't feel like you need to do it again, mark it as “Complete.” Otherwise, put it in your "Needs Work" folder as a reminder to do it again.

  • Go in any order:

    The checklist system is not built like an "outdated progression." Your skills will enhance by simply moving through the checklist one skill assignment at a time. It's that simple.

  • Spend up to 20 minutes on each assignment:

    The checklist system is not built on reps. Time is much more important. View each assignment, aim for 20 minutes of work, and check it off your list.

  • Mark your favorites for extra reps:

    When you come across an assignment that fits your game perfectly, give it a "star" to mark it as a favorite. Then, just come back to your “Favorites” whenever you want to enhance your superpower skills.

Train With The #1 Basketball Skill Enhancement Program For NBA™ Players And Young People Alike!

RealShooter #1 will help you develop the skills that distinguish the best players who have a future in the sport, from the uncommitted wannabes who will never make it.

And you can up your game in as little as 20 minutes per assignment.

  • Shooting Specific Training in areas of; shooting form, range, shooting specific footwork, and much needed shooting attributes to help you make more shots in the game.

  • This is 100% raw skill enhancement.

  • You receive more than 70 Shooting training assignments, giving the option to accelerate your progress as FAST as you'd like.

  • We don’t teach situations and rehearsals that your coaches already give you, because when you have superior skills, the results will take care of themselves.

  • Gain the shot making ability and shooting touch needed to dominate opponents.

  • The EXACT drills we use with pro NBA™ teams and players.


    You can purchase RealShooter #1 today and get life-time access to the full 12 month program, putting you on the path of becoming one of the most skilled players possible. Or...


    When you sign up as a paid Skill Member you’ll be granted access to RealShooter #1 AND ALL our current and future online checklist programs in addition to incredible member benefits like free in-person training with Micah Lancaster! When you make a one-time purchase, you’ll only have access to RealShooter #1.

  • Bryce Stanhope - NBA / IPT Elite I'm Possible Trainer

    I don't think there is a trainer on the planet that understands skill enhancement the way Micah Lancaster does. He just knows how to do things different and he gets amazing results out of players.

  • Tanner Lind - NBA / IPT Elite I'm Possible Trainer

    I think Micah is absolutely the best in the industry of skills training. I don't know of anyone else that has the basketball mind that he has.

  • John Draine - Skill Enhancement Certified Im Possible Trainer

    As far as I'm concerned, Micah is the best trainer in the world. His knowledge is tremendous.

  • Marko Zelic- Skill Enhancement Trainer Certified I'm Possible Trainer

    I call Micah a basketball genius when it comes to skill enhancement. He's so detailed when it comes to the game and skills that my head almost exploded. It was so much information.

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