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SB Heavy Basketball

SB Heavy Basketball

The SB Heavy Basketball is the only basketball designed to enhance both shooting and ball handling. (Regulation Size: 29.5)

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Multi-Purpose Heavy Basketball

At three pounds, the SB Heavy Basketball is the world leading basketball in developing shooting form, increasing shooting range, and enhancing ball handling ability.

Exploring the SB Heavy Basketball

At three pounds, the SB Heavy Basketball was designed by IPT Elite Trainer, Bryce Stanhope, with visual and physical grooves to help players find the right shooting hand placement for them, but without losing the bounce and control of a regulation basketball. In other words, this weighted regulation size basketball strengthens fingers, wrists and forearms during ball handling, and enhances range during shooting, all while providing accountability for increased shooting form.

Build Shooting Mechanics

The SB Shooting Basketball is the first ever basketball designed with patented visual and physical grooves to help any player find and feel the right hand placement for them.The added weight of the ball also naturally enforces the correct order of the shooting motion, by forcing players to fully press through their elbow before extending through their wrist.In that process, players will not only make their shooting motion more efficient, but they will also experience an increase in range and overall strength with their shot.

Handles Like a Normal Basketball

The SB Heavy Basketball enhances ball handling skills and increases hand speed and ball control, while strengthening fingers, wrists and forearms for better and more powerful dribbling. And even at three pounds, it bounces and controls the same as a normal basketball, for more improved and effective training.

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