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RipStick Set

RipStick Set

Each RipStick Set can be used with the RipCone v2 to create 7 RipStick base units of various sizes, two Agility RipPoles, a RipGap, and a Short Gap.

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    The newly upgraded I'm Possible RipStick Set comes with 2 Small Ripsticks, 3 Medium RipSticks, 2 Large RipSticks, and the connections needed to create, "Agility RipPoles", a "RipGap" and a "Short Gap". (Cones Not Included)

    Exploring The RipStick Set

    Our newly upgraded I’m Possible RipStick set is designed to offer training variety and creative flexibility when using the Ripcone v2.Each RipStick Set can create all of the training tools listed below when combined with the RipCone v2.

    RipStick Training

    The RipStick raises the height of the cone, allowing players to not only grab the cone by its patented grip but also by the stick itself. As Micah Lancaster always says, "players need to understand that there are different levels of low", and the RipStick provides players the opportunity to work on the lowest levels of low (the grip) to the higher levels of low (the range of the stick) in their training. It also provides players with additional accountability for mobility and specific footwork actions.

    RipGap Training

    With the use of two RipCone v2 cones and three RipSticks, a player can create a gap which can be used to simulate defensive stances, the act of splitting defenders, and as a passing target through the dedicated space it creates

    Agility RipPole Training

    By using a medium and large RipStick together, a player can create an agility pole in order to increase footwork and mobility during training.

    All New Gap Option

    With the introduction of the all-new Short RipSticks, players are now able to create a Short Gap for various ball handling challenges.

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