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RipLight - Pack of Two

RipLight - Pack of Two

Innovation by Simplicity. While other reaction lights are complicated, in execution, charging and programming, Micah Lancaster created the RipLight specifically for simple read and reaction training. No programming. No apps. No bluetooth needed. Easy USBC charging. Just turn on, tap and react.

Three Randomized Colors: Red, Blue, Green

RipCone V2 not included

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Incredible Read and React Training

Just Tap, Read and React with the RipLight

Three Random Vibrant Colors. Plug and Play. No Apps to Connect. No Bluetooth Needed. Long Lasting Easy Charging. No Complication.

Reaction Training Doesn't Need To Be Complicated

The RipLight's innovation is in its simplicity - created for one purpose - To give players the ability to read and react with no need for setup or programming. Just assign reactions to a color, hit the light, and see how quick you can react. After three seconds, the light will turn off and you can get in another rep. It's that easy.

Do It Yourself With Ease

Imagine you setup a RipLight at the elbow. You determine that "Green" is shoot, "Red" is change direction, and "Blue" is drive. Now, you can simply drive to the elbow and come to a stop as you hit the light. Then, it's simply up to you to make the read and test your ability to make quick decisions in the game. When the light turns green, can you quickly knock down the shot?

Free Tutorials

Micah Lancaster is known for being one of the world's most innovative trainers. So whenever you buy an I'm Possible product, you can rest assured that we will show you how to use it! That's why the I'm Possible Rip Light comes with 10 free tutorials located in the I'm Possible Cloud App. Just download the app and start training right away inside "I'm Possible Essentials."

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