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RipCone - the Original

RipCone - the Original

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Micah Lancaster invented the original RipCone in 2012, becoming the first ever cone with a built in grip.
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Features Of The RipCone

The Ripcone is designed with a built-in grip to grab it, the right shape to stack it, a wide base to slide it, and with the durabilty to slam it down for low hips and control.

The First Ever Cone With Built-In Grip

Micah Lancaster invented the original RipCone for sliding, stacking, and slamming. The RipCone Original has been designed to be tough and sturdy, making it the most ideal cone for physicality in training.

Designed to Slide

The RipCone is designed to easily slide on it's base which helps hold players accountable to low movements.

Stack and Slam

Add a taglineDesigned to be picked up and slammed down for lower hips and control, not to mention the world's best cone for stacking in training action.

Built-In Grip

The RipCone is designed to be grabbed during training, and the grip itself forces players to drop their shoulders and hips to learn basketball specific body positions.

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