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IPT Elite Skill Membership (7 Day Trial)

IPT Elite Skill Membership (7 Day Trial)


  • Never pay for another online training program.
  • Complimentary clinics with Micah Lancaster.
  • Incredible discounts and more!
  • Get FULL ACCESS for 7 days then just $49/mo. 

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Where the top training methods and tactics,  previously reserved only for the pros, wait for you to implement them TODAY- so you can boost your shooting, footwork, and ball handling skills and outplay almost anyone on the court.

100 NBA™️

NBA™️ Skills Expert Trusted By Over 100 NBA™️ Players, Numerous NBA™️  All-Starts And Multiple MIP Players, Reveal His:

This is The Training Community To Find The
#1 Skills
Used By Some Of The World's Best Players.

Hi, I’m Micah Lancaster.

I’m the CEO of I'm Possible Training and the creator of skill training innovations that have been popularized around the world.

At IPT we've trained over 100 NBA™ Players, numerous NBA™ all-stars and multiple MIP players.

After years of working with pros, learning the ins and outs of the greatest techniques you’ve seen on TV, I’ve now dedicated an entire community to taking your game to the next level!

The Easiest Way To Attend One Of My Signature In-Person Clinics Without The In-Person Price Tag

Here’s Just A Sneak Peak At What’s Inside…

Never Pay for Another Online Training Program AGAIN!

Get unlimited access to ALL 12 of our online training programs worth over $2,000 !

You'll also get access to every new checklist program we add to the app in the future! Developed over a decade of training, these programs include:
All-Around Checklist #1 and #2,  Footwork Checklist #1 and #2 Shooting Checklist #1 and #2, Finishing
Checklist #1 and #2
I'm Possible Live, I'm Possible Kids, In-Season Essentials, and our Elite Shooting Form Challenge, giving you everything you need to become a complete player with a world-class skill set.

Complimentary Clinics with Micah Lancaster

Get access to ALL Micah Lancaster Weekend Clinics and ALL IPT Regional Trainer Conferences for trainers!

When Micah Lancaster travels to a city to host a Micah Lancaster Signature Weekend clinic, you're in. For no additional charge! All you need to do is register. Just go to the I'm Possible event calendar, see where Micah Lancaster will be next and sign up. It's that easy to gain world-class, in-person training. And if you're a trainer or coach, you will get free enrollment to ANY IPT Regional Trainer Conference!

Personal Training with Micah Lancaster

10% Discount for Custom Training Packages and PT Academies

Over the past few years, players from over 48 states, 25 countries, and 6 continents, have traveled to the I'm Possible World Headquarters to train with Micah Lancaster and our world-class staff of NBA Trainers for Custom TrainingPackages and our famous PT Academy. Now, you will gain an automatic 10% discount for these programs.

Get The Online Checklist Programs We've Used With NBA All-Stars

Micah Lancaster's groundbreaking ‘skills training checklists’ tell you exactly what to do with unmatched detail. They work no matter if you’re a young kid or an NBA™ All-Star.


133 training assignments for you to improve your ball handling, driving, finishing, shooting and overall basketball footwork.

$398 value


144 detailed lessons for you to make your overall shooting accuracy and shot making ability better than ever before.

$398 value


96 training assignments for you to improve your basketball specific footwork in the areas of: ball handling, driving, triple threat, pivots, change of directions and more.

$398 value


96 training assignments that will help you finish the basketball with confidence, accuracy and consistency to make those days of smoking layups a thing of the past!

$398 value


 A weekly “live" workout program, 52 for a year, where players can train with Micah Lancaster for a 45 minute workout each week and repeat the workouts as often as they like.

$199 value


160 twenty minute assignments to engage and show beginner basketball players how much fun training can really be, while introducing them to concepts and skills they will need to make their dreams come true

$199 value

PLUS! When You Join Today, You’ll Also Get Exclusive Access To…

Shop Discount

Receive 10% off all training products and gear found within the I'm Possible Cloud App store.

Special Offers and Promos

I'm Possible doesn't offer many deals throughout the year, IPT Elite Skill Members get more. We’ll provide you with additional special promos—like on your birthday and other key events throughout the year.

Access to Members’ Only Facebook Group

Join our community of members and have the opportunity to ask questions and get answers from both members and our I'm Possible staff of trainers.

Get Immediate Access To All Our Checklist Programs  + Access To Our In-Person Clinics!

Why Coaches & Players Love Our Elite Training and Tools

Jason - FL

“I really like Micah's perspective on training. It's really showed my son how to focus on every aspect of skillwork. One of the biggest differences is training with a purpose.”

Jose - CA

"The drillmat when I first saw it online, I thought it was going to be too complicated. But actually gives you a really easy way and I like the way it's designed. You can put it in the garage or in any place in your house. 

Roy - NY

"The level of focus and detail, the research that's gone into every bit of the training has just been outstanding. Breaking it down the way a 15 year old can really appreciate."

More Reviews

Immanuel Oby

“I think the DrillMat is dope. It gives a good blueprint for how you should be dribbling the ball while giving you the ability to be creative. I think it’s good for players wanting to work on their footwork and overall ball handling because it gives you a nice template.”

Parker Sigmon

“Game-Changer. Absolute game-changer. I had the pleasure to work with Micah Lancaster as a player and I remember him teaching footwork before he invented the DrillMat. And while he did an amazing job, I've learned that anyone can be a great teacher with the DrillMat. Nothing beats teaching with the DrillMat because it becomes a visual reference. And so for players, if I tell them you have to be wider on your drop, now I have a physical reference as to where you need to be. It’s an absolute game-changer in terms of teaching the game and giving players a visual, because a lot of players need to see it. It’s an amazing way to help build footwork, and if you don’t have good footwork in any sport you’re not going to be successful. It's huge!”

Storm Murphy

“DrillMats have been huge for me. Before the DrillMat, when working with Micah we were pretty much training using an imaginary version of it. Just finding cues and ways to learn footwork faster. Then when that came out, it just encapsulated everything and made it easier to learn. It holds your feet accountable to so many different areas. It makes you really have to focus on the little details. I think that’s a lot about what this training does. That’s been huge for me. It helps me evolve and there's so many different areas to get better within the system.”