In-Season Essentials
In-Season Essentials

In-Season Essentials


Refine and enhance your skills during the season, guaranteed!

  • 32 In-Season Checklist Training Items
  • Improve ball handling, shooting, finishing, and footwork
  • A Full In-Season Calendar to follow

Don't Stop Improving Your Skills



The #1 In-Season Training Program On The Planet

Most basketball players underperform and don't reach their potential during the basketball season because...

  • They wrongly believe that skill training is for the summer and fall only
  • They allow their skills to rust and decline by only getting reps in games and team practices
  • They try to cram workouts in during the pre-season, which won't last the year
  • They don't understand how to improve their skills in only 20 minutes per day

Let's be real. Most players are prepared going into the season, because they trained during the summer.

Where the best players separate themselves is during the season! Imagine what you can gain over your competition, when you actually improve your skills all year-round.

That's why world-renowned NBA trainers, Micah Lancaster and Bryce Stanhope, developed the In-Season Essentials program and calendar - To help the truly dedicated players separate from the competition! 


The secret to multiplying your basketball growth
is how you train during each and every season!

This in-season training programs allows players to refine and enhance key footwork, techniques, and basketball skills during the season with short 20 minute assignments. The program includes:

  • 32 key essential skills in the areas of ball handling, footwork shooting and finishing.
  • A weekly calendar to follow that can be successfully utilized in the busiest of basketball seasons.
  • Facebook group access to ask questions and overcome problems that may arise during the season.


Training during a busy basketball season is not complex

In fact, Training during the season is easy.

  • ✯ Our sample calendar gives you the blue- print.
  • It only takes 20 minutes per day. Anything extra is a bonus! 
  • Just stick to our proven plan and you'll see major results!




This simple to follow program makes it easy for players of any skill level to train like the Pros (and improve their skills) during the season. The techniques revealed in these sessions are the exact drills Micah Lancaster and Bryce Stanhope have used with NBA™ players and NBA™ All-Stars, along with players who’ve flown in from 25+ countries and 48 States to train with them in person!

Here's A Sneak Peak Into The In-Season Essentials Program

🏀 Enhance Your Pocket Dribble techniques
🏀 Tighten Up Your Crossover
🏀 Keep Your Feet In Sync with Your Exchanges
🏀 Stay In Rhythm and Strengthen Your Coordination.
🏀 17 Total Assignments

🏀 Perfect Your Inside Step
🏀 Focus On Your Stops
🏀 Maintain Your Stance
🏀 Master Your Change of Pace
🏀 5 Total Assignments

🏀 Shots Out of the Drop
🏀 Foot Replacement Shots
🏀 Slide into Shots
🏀 Increase Your Balance
🏀 5 Total Assignments

🏀 First Step Finishes
🏀 Extended Stop Finishes
🏀 Power Stop Finishes
🏀 Pivots to Finishes
🏀 5 Total Assignments 

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Micah Lancaster & Bryce Stanhope have worked with some of the world's best players:

  • Victor Oladipo (NBA All-Star and NBA Most Improved Player award winner)
  • Brandon Ingram (NBA All-Star and NBA Most Improved Player award winner)
  • Kyrie Irving (NBA All-Star)
  • Karl-Anthony Towns (NBA All-Star)
  • Cedi Osman (Cleveland Cavaliers)
  • And many more
Buy The In-Season Essentials Program Now!

🏀 The Open Drop
🏀The Drop
🏀The Drag
🏀 The Extended Stop

🏀 The Inside Step
🏀 The Dig
🏀 The Reset Step
🏀 The Stance

🏀 The Partial Step
🏀 The Foot Replacement

Micah Lancaster & Bryce Stanhope
have successfully used this same training with: