Elite Footwork Training Bundle
Elite Footwork Training Bundle

Elite Footwork Training Bundle

Improve your Footwork skills, within 30 days, guaranteed!
This bundle includes THREE elite training products:
  • The I’m Possible Skill Gripmat
  • The 2lb Med GripBall
  • 30-Day Footwork Training Intensive

Used by NBA™ All-Stars Victor Oladipo, Brandon Ingram & Karl-Anthony Towns…


WITH THE Elite Footwork Training Bundle

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Train like the pros and take your game to the next level with just a couple of weeks training with Elite Footwork Training Bundle. EVERYONE will be wondering your secret.

The Elite Footwork Training Bundle includes our popular Skill GripMat & our one-of-a-kind Med GripBall (as seen in Netflix’s™ Hustle)… AND our 30-Day Footwork Challenge guaranteed to improve your footwork skills.

Plus: Full access to 10 free Skill GripMat tutorials and 48 EXCLUSIVE trainings from the I’m Possible Footwork Bundle for 30 Days!

Perfect for basketball players of all levels looking to improve their footwork, ball handling, dribbling AND shooting skills - in a short burst of time.

The GripMat & Footwork Training Bundle

The secret behind today’s top basketball players is how they train!

This brainchild of Micah Lancaster allows players of all levels to master their footwork, stance and techniques (ball handling, driving, and shotmaking) in the shortest span of time.

  • One Size Fits All - Works for players of all ages, sizes & skill levels
  • The Skill GripMat moves easily from spot to spot so you can forget using tape to mark areas on the court.
  • Rolls up so you can take it with you anywhere you go... Never skip training again!
  • Anti-slip technology means it sticks to the floor like glue. It’s also sturdy enough so you can push off, jump from and land without having to worry about getting injured.

Micah Lancaster & Bryce Stanhope have successfully used the GRIPMAT & Footwork Training Bundle with:

  • Victor Oladipo (NBA All-Star and NBA Most Improved Player award winner)
  • Brandon Ingram (NBA All-Star and NBA Most Improved Player award winner)
  • Karl-Anthony Towns (NBA All-Star)
  • Cedi Osman (Cleveland Cavaliers)
  • Malcom Brogdon (Boston Celtics)
  • Furkan Korkmaz (Philadelphia 76ers)
  • Isaiah Livers (Detroit Pistons)

The 2lb MedGrip Ball

Featured In Netflix’s™ Hustle, Starring Adam Sandler…

This 2lb Ball is the perfect complement for any basketball player looking to improve their hand-eye coordination, reaction speed and grip strength.

  • ✯ Designed to be slammed and tossed without rolling away during drills.
  • ✯ Fills with air just like a basketball
  • ✯ Textured rubber grip makes it easy to hold & control, while eliminating risk of injury when tossing to athletes.


Complete Our
30-Day Footwork Challenge

Straight out of the Footwork Training Bundle…

This simple training method makes it easy for players of any skill level to train like the Pros (and improve their skills). The techniques revealed in these sessions are the exact drills Micah Lancaster uses with NBA™ players and NBA™ All-Stars who’ve flown in from 25+ countries and 48 States to train with him in person!

Here's A Sneak Peak Into Your 30-Day Challenge Training...

🏀The Pocket Dribble Technique.
🏀The Drop.
🏀 The Pocket Thru.
🏀 The Drop Thru.
🏀 The Partial Step + Under Dribble
🏀 Partial Step + Under Dribble + Foot Switch
🏀 The Bound
🏀 The Inverted Bound
🏀 The Drop Cross
🏀The Delayed Split Thru
🏀The Delayed Inverted Split Under
🏀The Drop + Cross w/ Single Leg Foot Replacement

🏀 The Outside Dig
🏀 The Inside Dig Step
🏀 The Second Step Finish
🏀 The First Step Finish
🏀 The Partial Step + Partial Step Thru
🏀The Partial Step + Go
🏀The Drop Pivot (Triple Threat)
🏀 Spin Shots
🏀 The Tennis Ball Bounce to Drop
🏀 The Thru + Rip Cone Snatch
🏀 The Half Circle Cone Slide Change of Direction
🏀 The Inverted Speed Stop

🏀 Delayed Split Thru + Delayed Drop Thru
🏀 Lift + Delayed Drop
🏀 Fade Stop
🏀 Fade Stop Step Arounds
🏀 Inverted Drop
🏀 Inverted Drop + Reset Step
🏀 Extended Stop Finish
🏀 Exaggerated Space Accountability
🏀 Foam Roller Pocket Thru Protect
🏀 Pocket Thru Bounce Off
🏀 Cross Drag
🏀 Momentum Spin Shots

🏀 Continuous Reverse Push
🏀 Under Drag + Reverse Push
🏀 Drag Behind
🏀 Freeze Drag
🏀 Open Drop + Partial Step
🏀 Open Drop + Push Cross
🏀 Step Thru Shots
🏀 Spin + Step Thru
🏀 Skip to Spin Seal
🏀 Inverted Skip to Spin Seal
🏀 Turn Pound Drop to Float on the Run
🏀 Dribble-Step Euro

Take Your Game To The Next Level With Elite Footwork Training Bundle

I'm Possible SkillMat

Original Price: $99

2lb Med GripBall

Original Price: $17.50

30-Day Footwork Challenge

Original Price: $199

Priced Separately $315.50
Own The Elite Footwork Training Bundle - Only $129.99
 ($185.50 Off Retail Price When You Buy Today)


🏀 The Open Drop
🏀The Drop
🏀The Drag
🏀 The Extended Stop

🏀 The Inside Step
🏀 The Dig
🏀 The Reset Step
🏀 The Stance

🏀 The Partial Step
🏀 The Foot Replacement

Micah Lancaster & Bryce Stanhope
have successfully used the footwork GRIPMAT and footwork training bundle with: