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 The DrillMat Outdoor  

From the Organization That Has Trained 100+ NBA™ Stars!

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DrillMat Outdoor System
DrillMat Outdoor System

DrillMat Outdoor System


The I'm Possible DrillMat Outdoor brings the same world-renowned skill and footwork system to the concrete, perfect for training in your driveway, at the park, in your garage, or in your living room. Best yet, the DrillMat Outdoor comes with Micah Lancaster's exclusive DrillMat System of 28 video tutorials for Footwork, Ball Handling, Finishing, and Shooting, a value of $99!


Keep reading if you’d like to discover how to…

-Master the power of short, wide stances and dribble placement to confidently beat defenders and make challenging shots look simple.

-Create and control space like never before, using bullet-proof accountability methods

-Become a more agile, explosive player who drives past opponents with ease, through mastery of footwork angles and body positions

-Get the edge you need to stand out from the competition and fulfill your full potential as a player.

Plus: Gain full access to 28 detailed and EXCLUSIVE trainings found within the I'm Posible DrillMat System

The DrillMat & Footwork Training System

The secret behind today’s top basketball players is how they move!

This brainchild of Micah Lancaster allows players of all levels to master their footwork, stance and techniques (ball handling, driving, finishing and shotmaking) in the shortest span of time.

  • One Size Fits All - Works for players of all ages, sizes & skill levels
  • The DrillMat moves easily from spot to spot so you can easily create training accountability anywhere.
  • Rolls up so you can take it with you anywhere you go... Never skip training again!
  • Anti-slip means it sticks to the concrete allowing you to push off, jump from and land without having to worry about slipping.

Micah Lancaster & Bryce Stanhope have successfully used the Footwork Training System with:

  • Victor Oladipo (NBA All-Star and NBA Most Improved Player award winner)
  • Brandon Ingram (NBA All-Star and NBA Most Improved Player award winner)
  • Karl-Anthony Towns (NBA All-Star)
  • Cedi Osman (Cleveland Cavaliers)
  • Malcom Brogdon (Boston Celtics)
  • Furkan Korkmaz (Philadelphia 76ers)
  • Isaiah Livers (Detroit Pistons)
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History of the DrillMat System

The Skill and Footwork Training System

drillmatoutdoor corner.jpg__PID:1c57acad-1a81-4f3d-8f8c-f8c7e0587265

In 2014 I started studying basketball-specific footwork in a way I had never done in the past. Building a platform out of aquarium glass…I was able to place cameras under the floor and truly begin to study footwork from a different angle and a new perspective.

From that new perspective, I studied every detail possible…From weight distribution…To the parts of your feet that actually make contact with the floor…To the proper length and width of foot positioning…I obsessed over every single detail possible. All these details led me in one direction…

  • ✯ To create the world's first ever footwork training system for basketball players using a footwork training mat!


Complete Our
4 Week DrillMat Challenge

Yes! I’m Ready To Elevate My Skills With The IPT DrillMat System!

The techniques revealed in these sessions are the exact drills Micah Lancaster
has used with NBA™ players, NBA™ All-Stars, and thousands of players who’ve
flown in from 25+ countries and 48 States to train with him in person!
The DrillMat will hold you accountable to your length, width, and foot angles
ensuring that you make the most of every movement. You'll have the tools and
guidance you need to master the power of short, wide stances and dribble
placement, creating and controlling space like never before.  With the
DrillMat System at your fingertips, you'll be able to take your game to
new heights and achieve your goals as a basketball player.
Don't wait - start your journey to basketball greatness today.

Here's A Sneak Peak Into
The DrillMat Training System

🏀Drop + Thru
🏀Drop + Inside Step
🏀 Drop + Inside Dig
🏀 Turn Pound Partial Step Drive
🏀 Turn Poun Partial Step + Thru
🏀 Under Drag Turn Plants
🏀 Under Drag + Foot Switch

🏀 Power Stops
🏀 Extended Stops
🏀 Inverted Extended Stops
🏀 Pro Hop Hurdles
🏀 Reverse Pivot Spin Finish
🏀 Spin to One Foot Finish
🏀 Load Step Euro

🏀 Manipulation Pocket Thru
🏀 Partial Steps to Resets
🏀 Split Stance Foot Switches
🏀 Side Jab to Partial Steps
🏀 Split Pivots to Partial Steps
🏀 Inside Digs to Under Drags
🏀 Touch Replacements to Open Drop Cross

🏀 Step In Shots
🏀 Foot Replacement Shots
🏀 Split Landing Shots
🏀 Fade Shots
🏀 Drop Shots - Three Points of Contact
🏀 Turn Plant to Reset Step Shots
🏀 Step Thru To Turn Plant Shots

Take Your Game To The Next Level With The DrillMat System

I'm Possible DrillMat Outdoor

Original Price: $75


DrillMat Training System

Original Price: $99

Priced Separately $174
Own The DrillMat Outdoor and DrillMat System - Only $50 ($124 Off Retail Price When You Buy Today)

Inside Our System You'll Discover...

🏀 A new perspective on basketball footwork and skills with our revolutionary training system.
🏀 Learn the intricacies of weight distribution and foot placement like never before, even if you’re playing at a high level already.
🏀 Master the power of short, wide stances and dribble placement with our expert guidance.
🏀 Use our DrillMat to hold yourself accountable to foot positions and angles, so you can find better explosiveness and balance.
🏀 Our system has been tested and proven by NBA All Stars - so you know you're getting the best.
🏀 Improve your ability to create and control space on the court even if you feel like you’ve mastered this area of your game.
🏀 Our DrillMat is designed to be both portable and convenient, so you can take your training with you wherever you go.
🏀 With years of development behind it, our training system is the most comprehensive and effective in the world!
🏀 Let us teach you how to use our DrillMat System and take your basketball skills to new heights!

Micah Lancaster & Bryce Stanhope
have successfully used the Skill and Footwork GRIPMAT and footwork training system with:

Why Coaches & Players Love Our Elite Training and Tools

Jason - FL

“I really like Micah's perspective on training. It's really showed my son how to focus on every aspect of skillwork. One of the biggest differences is training with a purpose.”

Jose - CA

"The drillmat when I first saw it online, I thought it was going to be too complicated. But actually gives you a really easy way and I like the way it's designed. You can put it in the garage or in any place in your house. 

Roy - NY

"The level of focus and detail, the research that's gone into every bit of the training has just been outstanding. Breaking it down the way a 15 year old can really appreciate."

More Reviews

Immanuel Oby

“I think the DrillMat is dope. It gives a good blueprint for how you should be dribbling the ball while giving you the ability to be creative. I think it’s good for players wanting to work on their footwork and overall ball handling because it gives you a nice template.”

Parker Sigmon

“Game-Changer. Absolute game-changer. I had the pleasure to work with Micah Lancaster as a player and I remember him teaching footwork before he invented the DrillMat. And while he did an amazing job, I've learned that anyone can be a great teacher with the DrillMat. Nothing beats teaching with the DrillMat because it becomes a visual reference. And so for players, if I tell them you have to be wider on your drop, now I have a physical reference as to where you need to be. It’s an absolute game-changer in terms of teaching the game and giving players a visual, because a lot of players need to see it. It’s an amazing way to help build footwork, and if you don’t have good footwork in any sport you’re not going to be successful. It's huge!”

Storm Murphy

“DrillMats have been huge for me. Before the DrillMat, when working with Micah we were pretty much training using an imaginary version of it. Just finding cues and ways to learn footwork faster. Then when that came out, it just encapsulated everything and made it easier to learn. It holds your feet accountable to so many different areas. It makes you really have to focus on the little details. I think that’s a lot about what this training does. That’s been huge for me. It helps me evolve and there's so many different areas to get better within the system.”