Used By Over 100 NBA™ Players And Featured In The Netflix™ Movie ‘Hustle’ comes...


It took a combined 200 years of skills training experience to create these top-tier training tools.

And for the very first time, you can take your game to the next level in just a couple short weeks of training with the
RipCone + RipLight Bundle.

This one-of-a-kind set of skill training tools includes
3 RipCones, 2 RipLights, and 1 RipStick Set.

It’s perfect for basketball players of all levels looking to improve their skills, footwork, athleticism, agility, and ability to be dominant on
the court - all in a short burst of time.

The Secret Behind Today’s Top Basketball Players
Isn’t Just Natural Talent…

It’s How They Move!

These training tools specifically capture their movement patterns, so you can train like them day in and day out.

That’s Why The RipCone + RipLight Bundle Is Guaranteed To Take Your Game To The Next Level!

Because with the RipCone + RipLight Bundle,
you’ll be able to:

  • Maximize your agility and mobility with unique “space minimizing” drills
  • Create difficult passing lanes to skyrocket your precision on any kind of pass
  • And boost your finishing and ball handling skills with endless options…

All using the most adaptable training tools in the world.

Micah Lancaster has worked with players at the highest level
using tools found in the RipCone + RipLight Training Bundle:

RipCone v2 X 3

The Most Innovative And Adaptable Training Cone On The Planet

The RipCone V2 takes the design of the original RipCone to a new level as the first cone ever designed to support training attachments. Due to its innovative screw top and designated hole, the RipCone v2 is able to connect and upgrade with RipSticks, the RipLight, and future builds.

Same Innovative Grip

The RipCone was the first ever cone with built-in grip,
designed to be grabbed and slid for athletic accountability.

Wider Base

With a wide variety of innovative attachments, the RipCone v2 was designed
with an even wider base, for added stability and balance.

Innovative Top

The RipCone v2 was designed with an innovative screw top, allowing for attachments like the RipLight The built-in-hole also allows for RipSticks to be placed within the cone for added accountability and training variety.

RipLight X 2

While other reaction lights are complicated, in execution, charging and programming, Micah Lancaster created the RipLight specifically for simple read and reaction training. No programming. No apps. No bluetooth needed. Easy USBC charging.
Just turn on, tap and react.

Reaction Training Made Easy!

The RipLight's innovation is in its simplicity - created for one purpose only - to give players the ability to read and react with no need for set up or programming. Just assign reactions to a color, hit the light, and see how quick you can react. After three seconds, the light will turn off and you can get in another rep. It's that easy.

Even Do It Yourself

Imagine you set up a RipLight at the elbow. You determine that "Green" is shoot, "Red" is change direction, and "Blue" is drive. Now, you can simply drive to the elbow and come to a stop as you hit the light. Then, it's simply up to you to make the read and test your ability to make quick decisions in the game. When the light turns green, can you quickly knock down the shot?

Free Tutorials

Micah Lancaster is known for being one of the world's most innovative trainers. So you can rest assured that we will show you how to use it! That's why the I'm Possible RipLight comes with 10 free tutorials ($20 value) located in the I'm Possible Cloud App. Just download the app and start training right away inside "I'm Possible Essentials."

RipStick Set

Each RipStick Set can be used with the RipCone v2 to create 7 RipStick base units of various sizes, two Agility RipPoles, a RipGap, and a Short Gap.

RipStick Set

Each RipStick Set can be used with the RipCone v2 to create 7 RipStick base units of various sizes, two Agility RipPoles, a RipGap, and a Short Gap.

RipStick Training

The RipStick raises the height of the cone, allowing players to not only grab the cone by its patented grip but also by the stick itself. As Micah Lancaster always says, "players need to understand that there are different levels of low", and the RipStick provides players the opportunity to work on the lowest levels of low (the grip) to the higher levels of low (the range of the stick) in their training. It also provides players with additional accountability for mobility and specific footwork actions.

RipGap Training

With the use of two RipCone v2 cones and three RipSticks, a player can create a gap which can be used to simulate defensive stances, the act of splitting defenders, and as a passing target through the dedicated space it creates

Agility RipPole Training

By using a medium and large RipStick together, a player can create an agility pole in order to increase footwork and mobility during training

All New Gap Option

With the introduction of the all-new Short RipSticks, players are now able to create a Short Gap for various ball-handling challenges.

Boost Your Skills Like Never Before

Maximize Your Footwork and Reactions

And Increase Your Performance In Each Training Session
To Become The Best Player On The Court No Matter Where You Play…

With The RipCone + RipLight Bundle

RipCone v2 X 3

RipCone v2 X 3

RipLight X 2

RipStick Set

RipLight X 2

RipLight X 2

Own The RipCone + RipLight Bundle For Only


(A $200 value)

Own The RipCone + RipLight Bundle For Only


(A $169 value)

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