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You get hundreds of dollars of training tools, Skill Support, and a schedule to follow, and if you don't get the results you want after 3 months, you get your money back!   

100 NBA™️

NBA™️ Skills Expert Trusted By Over 100 NBA™️ Players, Numerous NBA™️  All-Starts And Multiple MIP Players, Reveal His:

This is The Training Community To Find The
#1 Skills
Used By Some Of The World's Best Players.

Hi, I’m Micah Lancaster.

I’m the CEO of I'm Possible Training and the creator of skill training innovations that have been popularized around the world.

At IPT we've trained over 100 NBA™ Players, numerous NBA™ all-stars and multiple MIP players.

After years of working with pros, learning the ins and outs of the greatest techniques you’ve seen on TV, I’ve created these exclusive packages for you to take your game to the next level, or get your money back!

We Know I'm Possible Works. So We've Created Three Training Packages That All Come With A Money-Back Guarantee Promise!


75% OFF

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Refine and enhance your skills during the season, guaranteed!

Our In-Season Training Promise comes first and foremost with our In-Season Essentials Program, which includes 32 In-Season checklist training Items guaranteed to improve your ball handling, shooting, finishing, and footwork.

You will be provided a Full In-Season Calendar to follow along with a DrillMat, a RipCone v2 Pack of three, a 2lb Med Gripball, and three months of free Skill Support with Micah Lancaster's direct feedback.

If you don't get better within 3 months, just let us know and you will receive a full refund. Guaranteed.

65% OFF

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We know our training works, so we can give you a crazy promise! When you take advantage of our Ultimate Training Promise, you will receive:

1 Drillmat
2 RipLights
3 Ripcone v2
1 Rip Roller
1 Ripstick Set

Not only that, you will also get a full calendar guiding you through 4 of our Online Realskill programs, along with 3 Free months of Skill Support with Micah Lancaster's direct feedback. 

If you don't get better within 3 months, just let us know and you will receive a full refund. Guaranteed.

60% OFF

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Our training doesn't just work, it works for everybody. Including your entire team!

So if you're a coach looking to take your team's skill to a whole new level, then take advantage of our Ultimate Team Promise:

6 Drillmats
4 RipLights
6 RipCone v2
1 Skill Dictionary

With this promise, you will also receive access to a full practice calendar to follow utilizing 4 of our Online Realskill programs along with 3 Free months of Skill Support with Micah Lancaster's direct feedback.

If you don't see results within 3 months, just let us know and you will receive a full refund. Guaranteed.

Get The Tools Necessary Along With The Calendar You Need To Find Success

Micah Lancaster's groundbreaking ‘skills training checklists’ tell you exactly what to do with unmatched detail. They work no matter if you’re a young kid or an NBA™ All-Star.

And with a full calendar to follow, you will have a bullet-proof path to basketball results.


Training Equipment
- 1 DrillMat
- 3 RipCone Originals
- 1 Med Gripball (2 lbs)

Training Programs
Full Calendar for:
- In-Season Essentials

Already a $230 value


Training Equipment
- 1 Drillmat
- 2 RipLights
- 3 RipCone v2
- 1 Rip Roller
- 1 Ripstick Set

Training Programs
Full Calendar for:
- DrillMat System
- RipLight Essentials
- RipStick Essentials
- Rip Roller Essentials

Already a $407 value


Training Equipment
- 6 Drillmats
- 4 RipLights
- 6 RipCone v2
- 1 Skill Dictionary

Training Programs
Full Calendar for:
- DrillMat System
- RipLight Essentials
- RipCone Essentials

Already a $990 value


96 training assignments that will help you finish the basketball with confidence, accuracy and consistency to make those days of smoking layups a thing of the past!

$398 value


 A weekly “live" workout program, 52 for a year, where players can train with Micah Lancaster for a 45 minute workout each week and repeat the workouts as often as they like.

$199 value


160 twenty minute assignments to engage and show beginner basketball players how much fun training can really be, while introducing them to concepts and skills they will need to make their dreams come true

$199 value

PLUS! With Any Package, You’ll Also Get FREE Access To Skill Support…

An Additional $297 value

Get Direct Feedback from Micah Lancaster

Micah Lancaster is known around the world for his incredible eye for detail. And for 3 Months, Micah Lancaster will personally be available to assess your training execution, providing in-depth video feedback that highlights areas for improvement.

Submit Unlimited Videos for Correction

With our Skill Support program, you can submit unlimited videos showcasing you or your player's performance of specific skills within I'm Possible's RealSkill program.

Micah Lancaster will then send you direct feedback to make quick corrections to your form, technique and execution.

Professional Analysis Tools
by Skillest

Training online can be challenging without a professional's keen eye for detail…

That's why we've partnered with Skillest to provide professional feedback and skill support, using state of the art training analysis tools.

Get Immediate Access To Skill Support For Three Months With Any "Promise" Package! 

Check out all the products that are available in our
Black Friday exclusive packages

skillmat-product-1662579726480 copy.webp__PID:fb0cb059-aef3-4a82-965f-1be7bb9778ce


Invented by Micah Lancaster, the Drillmat helps create the world's most skilled basketball players.

NBA All-Stars and players all over the world have used Micah Lancaster's Gripmat and Footwork Training System with great success, and now the rollup Drillmat has taken training to another level.

$99 value


Innovation by Simplicity. While other reaction lights are complicated, in execution, charging and programming, Micah Lancaster created the RipLight specifically for simple read and reaction training. No programming. No apps. No bluetooth needed. Easy USBC charging. Just turn on, tap and react.

Three Randomized Colors: Red, Blue, Green

$99 value

rip roller + converter.png__PID:dc5c16ef-d80b-4caf-966b-cc9f1c94351f

Rip Roller

The Rip Roller is the I'm Possible custom Foam Roller, designed specifically to connect to the I'm Possible RipCone v2, so you can create "a cone" that you can truly drive your shoulder through and get physical with. But as you'll see, once attached to the included RipCone Converter, the options are endless with the all-new Rip Roller!

$60 value

RipCone v2

The most innovative and adaptable training cone on the planet. The RipCone v2 is not only designed with the same functionality and built-in grip as the famous RipCone, but with a wider base and innovative top, the RipCone v2 is designed to transform into other training tools and purposes through attachments such as RipSticks, our RipCup, and future add ons.

$25 value

Med GripBall

The Med GripBall is an incredible accountability tool that can be used to simulate ball handling, finishing, and driving moments.

$17.50 value

ripstick example.webp__PID:965b395c-c310-42e4-9668-761a4c853a22

Ripstick Set

The newly upgraded I'm Possible RipStick Set comes with 2 Small Ripsticks, 3 Medium RipSticks, 2 Large RipSticks, and the connections needed to create, Agility Poles and Gaps to work on everything from driving, ball handling and passing.

$25 value

Basketball Skill Dictionary

Introducing the first ever Basketball Skill Dictionary - the Official Terminology for Basketball Skills.

$49 value

RipCone Original

Micah Lancaster invented the original RipCone in 2012, becoming the first ever cone with a built in grip.

$15 value


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